Introducing: Venting Sessions

What I’ve learned from doing this podcast so far is that I am not alone. There are other people who share a similar journey.

Which is why we are introducing a new way for you to be apart of the pack and be able to vent with me on upcoming episodes. A great way to interact with me, get some things off your chest , and heal together.

All you have to do is become a patron and then email me and tell me what you want to vent about and if appropriate or reasonable, we will schedule a time to vent together.

Things of note: Whether you are a mother, father, expecting parent, or seasoned one, we all are a pack. VentPack is a mantra for all different types of folks, meaning I will not be taking requests that promote hate or disrespect. Sharing a journey or experience is one thing, but no Andrew Tat’s are allowed here. (Get it?)

Look forward to venting with you and be sure to follow us on the socials as well as subscribe and review the podcast.


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