(Episode Highlight) Episode 22: Valentines Day

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Welcome to The Single Father Podcast, a place where we explore the unique challenges and joys of raising children as single dads. In this episode, host Kendall Donaker talks about the challenges of showing affection as a single dad and shares his thoughts on navigating the complexities of finding love while raising children in your 20s. Kendall also discusses the added challenge of dealing with Valentine’s Day being on his birthday and how that affects his dating prospects. If you’re a single dad looking for support and advice on dating and relationships, be sure to tune in to this episode.

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0:00:01 The Single Father Podcast: A Collection of Journal Entries

0:03:00 The Importance of Single Fathers in Society

0:05:08 The founder of Ventpack, a single father resource organization, discusses the goals of the organization and how it can help fathers in need.

0:07:13 Dating with a Single Parent: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

0:10:36 Trauma Dumping: When Is Enough, Enough?

0:12:56 The Different Ways We Try to Communicate

0:14:33 The Dangers of Enabling Entitlement in Relationships

0:18:53 The Dangers of Enabling Entitlement in Loved Ones

0:20:32 Child’s well-being always a priority for working single father

0:22:31 The Dangers of Dating a Single Parent

0:24:05 The Dangers of Dating on Valentine’s Day

0:26:12 Kendall Donaker’s Breakup Story


I’ve outgrown the type of the nature of her concerns. I’ve outgrown the pettiness that she concluded in her head at times. And I’m looking for something more grown, more mature, more grounded in reality, not based on material things like, did you like my photo? Or did you, you know, just craziness, like I explained? But but hey, Valentine’s Day.

Maybe it’s because I have a job. I just feel like I feel like I truly haven’t met the one yet. But I don’t want to be Playboy, right? I don’t want to be that college frat guy.

Everything to disciplining to the type of communication that we have, to the type of lifestyles that we have, the understanding that we have when each other is busy. And you know, the thing that I hate is just when girls are like, you didn’t like my fucking post from 30 minutes ago.

It’s a priority but my daughter will always come first. My child, my responsibilities are going to come first. And anybody who wants to get in a relationship has to understand that I have a job to do, a responsibility.

As a man, there are things that you say to your girlfriend that is kind of the conventional understandings. Like, oh, I totally get that, babe. Yeah, she’s such a fucking yeah, babe.


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