The Single Father Organization is a support and resource network for single fathers with children of any age. Our goal is to better equip single fathers in navigating the challenges of parenting by providing resources, information, support, and coaching. Through our community-driven approach, we aim to provide mentorship, counseling services, and community-based support to help fathers overcome the unique challenges they face. We believe in the power of community and strive to be a beacon of light for fathers and children who face challenges in the legal system, parenting skills, mental health, homelessness, food and shelter, financial issues, and more. We are here to break the stigma and show that single fathers deserve support just as much as single mothers. The Single Father Organization is not yet live, but updates on its launch will be coming soon. If you are interested in learning more about our resources or how to get involved, please reach out to us at hello@ventpack.org and visit our resource tab on our website for more information.

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