Single Dads, Not Just Moms, Need Help Too

Single mothers get more support than single fathers from the government and charities. Former Army officer Lynda Steele is looking to change that so that dads can stay involved in their kids’ lives.
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Kendall Donaker Says, “It’s my duty and my honor to give everything I have to my little girl,” | Dear Fathers

Are you a single dad or know someone who is? Check out this amazing article featuring our very own host of The Single Father Podcast Kendall Donaker. The article delves into his journey as a single father and how he manages to come out victorious from difficult times. He also talks about his commitment to being the best dad he can be and the support he provides to other single dads through his podcast. Click the link to read the full article and get inspired:

Dear, Manifesting


In this episode of The Single Father Podcast, we discuss the power of manifesting and how staying positive and focusing on what you want can help you achieve your goals. Our host, Kendall Donaker, shares his thoughts on the importance of manifesting and how to make the universe work for you. Whether you’re a single dad looking for support and connection or just want to learn more about the law of attraction, be sure to tune in to this episode.

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