(2022 Highlight) Episode 26: The Man Who Learned to Survive with Panic Attacks

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Welcome to The Single Father Podcast, a place where we explore the unique challenges and joys of raising children as single dads. In this episode, host Kendall Donaker talks about his relationship with marijuana and how it has impacted his mental health, shares alternatives for reducing anxiety, discusses anxiety and depression medication, and reflects on how anxiety has affected him throughout his life. If you’re a single dad looking for support and advice on managing anxiety and improving your mental health, be sure to tune in to this episode.

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0:00:01 The Single Father’s Guide to Coping with Panic Attacks

0:02:18 Anxiety and the Heart: A Personal Story

0:04:45 Anxiety and Depression in Men

0:06:28 Anxiety and Panic Attacks: A Personal Story

0:09:56 Depression, Anxiety, and Heart Disease: A Personal Story

0:12:05 Anxiety and Depression: A Personal Story

0:13:45 How to Overcome Anxiety Without Relying on Medication

0:18:36 The Power of Mindfulness and Manifestation: A Conversation with an Aquarius

0:20:12 Anxiety: A Personal Journey

0:22:18 The Power of Moving Forward

0:24:22 The Single Father’s Guide to Mental Health


Whether it’s a journal, whether it’s a notebook, whether it’s going to the gym, whether it’s meditation, and don’t be afraid of medication either. I mean, I think people are always judgmental of people taking medicaid.

So this is kind of my own journal. This is how I relay my feelings to all of you is just by this podcast. And maybe you guys can find your own type of thing as well.

But the calmest place in the storm is right in the middle, where you get to watch all of those things happening around you but feel complacent knowing that you can keep moving forward and wait out the storm, because the storm will pass.

It’s been an extremely challenging journey for me, and all I can do is focus on the future and keep moving forward. I, embarrassingly have one of my favorite movies in the world.

So I don’t really have the exact answer on how each individual person should deal with their own anxiety. But what I can do is tell you my own personal experiences and tell you that you’re not alone on it.