Episode 42: How Do Single Dads Survive?

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Welcome to The Single Father Podcast, where host Kendall Donaker explores the unique challenges and joys of raising children as single dads. In this episode, Kendall delves into the difficulties of being a single parent when you don’t have support, sharing his experiences of getting burnt out and feeling overwhelmed. He also discusses his relationship with his daughter’s mother, or co-parent, and how they navigate co-parenting while living in separate households. Additionally, Kendall shares a special message to his daughter and others in similar situations, offering words of encouragement and support. With a shocking twist at the end. Tune in for an honest and emotional conversation about the challenges of single parenting and finding strength in difficult times.


My true New Year’s resolutions? To be successful and healthy. I’m a little self conscious about my dad bod. I’m not fat or anything, but I feel like I could lose a few pounds for, like, everyone during COVID Kind of just stop going to the gym and I don’t know.

My friends on New Year’s were showing me a whole bunch of videos of people the year before eating ten grapes under a table or ten or twelve or something like that.

We talk about a book that talks about real talk with your kids about sex, self confidence and healthy relationships. So if you are confused or interested about learning about those topics and how to navigate that in your parenting, then I suggest you get her book and read a couple of those tips there.

Q: I saw you did a podcast with Leah List who has a book about having the sex talk with her children. Can you give me some tips about how to experience that? I’m a little nervous and a little confused on how to approach that with my children.

In our previous episode, David Williams shared a wonderful story about his life, his son and growing up in a single father household. It was an inspiring story that I know a lot of you loved


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